The Town of McIvers

McIvers Community Improvement Club

MCIC Celebrates 50 Years

On behalf of the Town of McIvers, we extend a huge congratulations to the McIvers Community Improvement Club on their 50th Anniversary. 

Some of the members of this club have dedicated their time towards improving our community since the club began 50 years ago.

Such a great accomplishment

To all the past, present and future members, we want to extend a sincere Thank You for everything that you do and we look forward to supporting you in the years to come. 








For the last 50 years the McIvers Community Improvement Club has been raising funds to improve our town, and its residents. Through their fund raising activities, the town council, the fire dept., other organizations in the town, and individual residents have benefited tremendously from the efforts of the MCIC. The town council in particular gets very much help with the operation and maintenance of the community hall and the fire dept. It provides the hall with all of the cleaning materials, and bathroom material required for the operation of the facility. Just a short while ago it covered the approximately $20,000 cost of installing the new floor in the hall. Likewise it helps council with the purchase of equipment for the fire dept. Worthy of note here is that, if the MCIC did not help council, most likely taxes would have to be increased to cover the cost of getting these much needed items done.

In addition this club also helps the Anglican Church with an annual contribution. It also provides a $500 scholarship to a grade 12 graduating student from McIvers. As well residents who have to travel outside our area for medical attention are helped with the cost of travel to the place where they have to receive the medical attention.

Thanks MCIC for your tremendous help to “Our Town” It is much appreciated and you deserve our utmost support.

The MCIC host Bingo every Wednesday starting at 8:00pm at the Community Hall.





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