The Town of McIvers


The Collette Urban Memorial Walking/ Hiking Trail

A 1.7 km easy to moderate walk/hike where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Bay of Islands.  There is seating and a picnic area located at the end of the trail.

View from the look out at the end of the trail.

Arctic Tern Colony

Lets go bird watching!!!!

McIvers is the Northern home to the Common Tern.  A public viewing lens is provided for observation of the birds.  Early in May the terns arrive from the southern hemisphere to nest and produce offspring.  In August they depart for their long journey south.  This nesting ground in McIvers is the Jewel of the North Shore (Route 440).


Rattler Falls

A waterfall that tumbles into the sea at the east end of McIvers in one of the town’s five coves.  Also, a good place to view Woods Island, the largest island in the Bay of Islands.

Looking down at Rattler Falls


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