The Town of McIvers

Fire Department

Town Of McIvers Volunteer Fire Department

435 Main Street

McIvers, NL  A2H 6B9

Fire Chief: Peter Sheppard

Deputy Chief:

Treasurer: Benny Lovell

Secretary: Janette LaFrance Foote


David George, Shannon Park, Derek Burridge, Calvin Burridge, Leo Park, Alex Park, Myles Morgan, BJ Park, Shane Morgan, Jim Laing, Adam Janes, Brent Payne, Pat Gambin, Chester Lawrence, Lorne Lovell Jr., Michael Lawrence, Peter Sheppard, Paul Stewart, Judy Burridge, Gerri Lynn Curtis, & Lisa-Marie Park

Firettes Members

Krista Ricketts, Bernita Park, Kathleen Park, Pamela Park, Gerri Lynn Curtis, Rose Park, Judy Burridge, Lisa-Marie Park, Bernice Parsons, Dallas George, Millie George, Kim Lovell, Pauline Parsons, Crystal Park, and Marsha Park.

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Waterline Flushing will be taking place on Monday November 18th and Tuesday November 19th, 2019 beginning at 9am.