The Town of McIvers

Tax Information

Town Of McIvers

Tax Structure

For Year 2017

Residential Property Tax 6 Mils
Business Property Tax 6 Mils
General Business Tax:
Grocery Stores 12 Mils
Take Out/ Resturants 12 Mils
Beauty Salons 12 Mils
Bars/ Clubs 8 Mils
Farms 5.5 Mils
Garages/ Repair Shops 7.5 Mils
Sawmills 4.5 Mils
Utilities/ Cable Companie 2.5% (of Gross)
No Fixed Place of Business Minmum Tax of $250
(whichever is greater)
Poll Tax $250.00
Residential Water Tax $216
Commercial Water Tax $240
Residential/ Commercial Sewer Tax $168
Minimum Property Tax $250
Hook Up to Town’s Water Service $400
Hook Up to Town’s Sewer Service $600

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