The Town of McIvers

Mayors Message

 Fall 2017

Mayor’s Message

Dear Residents;

The end of 2017 is drawing close and Christmas is right around the corner. I hope this year has been kind to everyone.

I would like to begin by taking the opportunity to wish former Mayor Mr. Warren Blanchard all the best for a happy, healthy retirement. Warren holds a very important part in the making of what our town is today. He touched all of our lives in so many ways. He has made history and memories that our town will not forget. Please join me in sending warm wishes and good luck to him

Your council, this past few months, has been very busy and has also endured a lot of new exciting changes.   I myself have taken on a new role for the town with hopes that I can serve and help the town by all means possible. I would also like to take this opportunity and introduce you to those who have offered themselves to serve “Our Town” for the next 4 years; Deputy Mayor Alfred Park, a returning member who has served for over 9 years, Councilor Herman Matthews, who has served our town in the past and recently came back on board, and the new members, Councilor Dawson Lovell and Councilor Gerri-Lynn Curtis.  As Council, our mission is to ensure that we grow and maintain our beautiful community as a place that the residents can live, play and feel safe in.

“Our Town” also has a very strong Volunteer base.  From our very own council, fire department, recreation, community improvement, and church groups, there are not too many aspects of our small community that are not touched by the work of volunteers.   They are all to be commended on their efforts and giving of their most prized possession, their time. 

“Our Town” has been busy with infrastructure projects over the past couple of years.   Recently there has been a new phase installed to our town’s sewer system extending the system towards Rattler Brook. This should be fully up and running in the near future. The pond outlet control project is still in progress, along with other maintenance necessary to keep providing services to our town (Examples: patching roads, fire hall repairs, hiking trail, clean ups, flushing town line).

In November our Volunteer Fire Department/Firettes held a fireman’s ball, which was a huge success. It was a wonderful event that displayed the dedication of those involved in that department. Renovations to the Fire Hall are in the process of being completed. These renovations were necessary to accommodate the towns new fire truck, which will be arriving early in the new year.

On behalf of myself and council, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Susan Park-White, Mayor



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