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Come Home Year 2017

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McIvers Come Home Year 2017

July 22, 2017-July 29, 2017


Less than 100 days from now, the first of some 1,500 registered residents and extended family from near and afar reunite in McIvers for Homecoming 2017.

The committee’s tentative schedule of events and entertainment lineups await final approvals and will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile, taking care of business at hand, the committee wants to make sure the community looks its best for the occasion. Among other things, that means putting more than $250,000-plus towards related community improvement projects, including an entire refit of equipment at the children’s playground.

The committee has also committed to a donation to the McIvers Volunteer Fire Department of $100,000, this will aid in the purchase of a new fire truck for the town.

Other commitments from the committee include a donation of approx. $27,000 to the Epiphany Church in the form of a new fence for the Anglican Cemetery, a donation of approx. $9,000.00 to the Golden Seabreeze Seniors Club in the form of new flooring for the Senior Hall and over $6,000.00 worth or tables and chairs for the community hall.

The McIvers Come Home Year Committee consist of the following volunteers.

Chair: Mayor Warren Blanchard

Co-Chair: Sterling Lawrence

Secretary: Marsha Park

Co-treasurers Jerri Lynn Lovell and Brenda Park.

Other members at large:

Jocelyn Blanchard, Rhoda Blanchard, Judy Burridge, Pat Gambin, Dallas George, David George, Millie George, Amanda Lovell, Shelley Lawrence, Janie Lovell, Warren Lovell, Alfred Park, Crystal Park, Krista Ricketts and David White.

The tentative schedule will be available shortly.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time to help the committee prepare and organize the events can forward their name to the committee.






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